Friday, 24 February 2017

GTA SAN ANDREAS Mobile Multiplayer (SA:MP)


This is SA:MP
for mobile San Andreas

Currently beta. in early development

for now its just a test.
you spawn in Grove st. as cj

Ttest server have cars spawn around the grove

some bugs are obvious at the moment.
some are even cool..
like the glitch, which plays music when the other cj's are inside a car, this sometimes switches to 3d sound effect when the other player is close by. similar to the 3d Audio, Radio Mod

Right now this must be a glitch, but hopefully it gets the attention of the developer to just implement as a feature.

Even more exciting news

It appears cross platforming will be a thing!

Thats right

You will eventually get to play your favorite PC servers legit on your android or IOS device
all while synced up to all the other PC, IOs and android players.

with the vast amounts of android and IOs devices scattered around the world owned by gamers,
 and with the ease of obtaining one of these devices fastly growing..
it will become the norm to see servers hosting 2000+ players full to its max..

Already there are servers with 2079/2500 players. There are over 1000 servers
and this is only PC

With this new development, In about 3 years
A regular SA:MP server's player count could top off around the 10,335 area..
A sweet spot from a possible 11,600 player cap ( issues related )

All this a possibility and more?

This would spark another revolutionary kick in the ass for gaming.

while consoles and gaming overall struggle to get the cross platform band wagon up and running the real way.

Modders are creating their own way
and doing well at it.

Here the Russian Dev. behind the project posted a screen update
It Shows where the android Player is connected  to a PC server and  is visible by the player on PC, its the same on android as the PC player can also be seen.

Note as well changeable skins in this update.

The start of something new
Join in and test it out 


SAMP Folder
Modified GTASA3.Apk 

Move SAMP folder to your "files" folder 
found in 

Install GTASA_3.Apk

Launch Game and See what happens

*well.. you should start up in grove st.


screens preview

For more info Visit the Site for progress and more development


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